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 why work with us? 

We recognize that mainstream music has a lack of representation of queer, trans, nonbinary and femme fronted artists and our mission is to publish and build a music catalogue of songs from these artists to get their music out there.  

We recognize that independently working artists often do not have the resources to access high quality production so we offer low up-front costs and project based vs. hourly fees. 

We recognize that taking your music to the next level to copyright, license and collect royalties ​is a full time job, thus we offer an all inclusive service to help artists place their songs.

We recognize that the vast majority of recording studios are owned by cis white men and often feel unsafe to queer, trans, nonbinary and femme fronted artists. We offer a LGBTQIA safe space that is co-founded by a queer-biracial-female musician. 

We recognize that many talented artists leave Tucson, Arizona to seek higher quality careers  in music industry cities such as Los Angeles or Nashville and it is our mission to capitalize on the lower cost of living to elevate Tucson as a music destination city. 

We recognize that there is a huge disparity of income between the celebrity and independently working musician and we aim to create a music middle class by creating more passive income for artists through royalties.