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an all inclusive music publishing company



Harbor Lighthouse Studios is a frictionless music licensing platform that sells music to visual content creators. Due to low quality music libraries that mass produce amateur tracks, it is hard for visual content creators to find music that both expresses who they are and has fully cleared copyrights. We offer a solution by providing a deep rights managed catalog, expertly curated and personalized, that offers simple straight forward subscription options.

WE CULTIVATE TALENT with a focus on queer, trans, non-binary and femme fronted artists.

WE RECORD & PRODUCE ARTISTS in a world class studio offering affordable below market rates

WE PUBLISH & LICENSE SONGS through one-stop-shop sync licensing placements



For licensing questions or artist production fees, please send us a message! We usually respond within 48hrs.


Harbor Lighthouse Studios

Tucson, AZ​

Tel: 505-459-2977


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